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Olympic Card Set 2012

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All 12 Teams/144 cards/$18.95

2012 Olympic Teams

United States (Gold) 8-0

Spain (Silver) 5-3

Russia (Bronze) 6-2

Argentina 4-4

Brazil 4-2

France 4-2

Australia 3-3

Lithuania 2-4

Great Britain 1-4

Nigeria 1-4

Tunisia 0-5

China 0-5

Team Cards

Team cards are designed to play the pro version of

Classic College & Pro Basketball™ using one card

per team. Team cards are available for these Olympic

teams. To order a team card set(s) click the basketball next to the add to cart button. The price of a team

card set varies by the number of teams in agroup. When playing with team cards you use the game components as with the player card version.


The Olympic player card set includes 12 players per team.

Game Components

Game Components - $15.95

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