Playing Your Classic College & Pro Basketball™ Board Game


Why is Classic College & Pro Basketball™

different from all other basketball games?

Its game engine is unique. It smoothly mimics

the flow and movement of a real basketball game.

As a team runs its sets players who attempt

more shots will do so, better rebounders will get

more rebounds, and playmakers will be critical to helping their teammates score. All of which is

done automatically and intuitively, without the

use of confusing or complicated charts.

This results in players and teams playing in a tempo like manner just like they preformed offensively

and defensively in real life. All while at the same time producing tight player, team offensive/defensive statistics, and wins vs. losses for the right reasons.

With Classic College & Pro Basketball™ you can play current and prior season major conference teams from the AAC, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, or PAC-12 on your tabletop.

Over 6000 college teams have been carded

and are available, including all of the mens

Final Four teams from 1960 thru 2023.

They include prior year conference card sets,

womens NCAA tournament teams, Coaches Poll Top

25 teams, top ranked mid-majors, NIT, CBI and CIT teams, some DII teams, and an ever growing list of

great vintage teams.

In addition, 40 NBA and ABA seasons have

been carded. Teams from the 2013, 2008, 1992 Olympic Games and the 2010 FIBA World Championship are available.

For gamers who prefer a team type game, that plays with a single team card for each team, cards are available for any carded college and pro team.

So pick your teams, choose your starting fives, and

let the your games begin!

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