playing your Classic College & Pro Basketball™ Board Game





CLASSIC COLLEGE & PRO BASKETBALL™ plays just as an announcer would call an actual game. Its game engine is unique, and smoothly mimics the flow and movement of the ball.

Easy to read player ratings are used with a deck of Factor Cards to tell you which player attempts a shot, tries to control a rebound, assists, fouls, etc. There are no complicated charts in CLASSIC COLLEGE & PRO BASKETBALL™.


Assume Laettner is in your Center player position

slot and the Factor Card (a) you flipped in the Select Shooter Sequence states Center - 16 (Offense).

Note: Laettner’s card is from CCB’s 1990-91 Final Four card set. Compare the 16 on the Factor Card to his Shot rating (Shot: 15/16), since his rating is equal to or greater than 16 he can attempt a 3-point shot.

If the Factor Card had stated Center - 15 (or less) he would have attempted a 2FG. If the card stated Center - 17 (or greater), he would have passed the ball and continued the Select Shooter Sequence..

Laettner is being guarded by Hansbrough, whose

card is from CCPB’s 2008-09 Final Four card set.

To attempt the shot the next Factor Card (b) is

turned over. That Factor Card will tell you if the shot

result comes from the offensive player’s card (black)

or defensive player (red) guarding that player. If the

Play Result number (under Offense) on that card is

equal to or less than a black 31 Laettner would

make his 3-point shot attempt.

If the play result number was a red 31, Factor Card (c), the result would have come from Hanbrough’s card and the shot would have been missed.

If the shot is made an Assist Sequence follows, if the shot is missed a Rebound Sequence follows. If a foul or turnover occurs a following sequence determines the results of that event.