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The 2005-06 college basketball season produced some outstanding players and teams. Florida Gator’s (33-6) win the

2006 NCAA Men’s D1 Championship.

LSU's Tiger's (27-9) make the Final Four.

Tennessee (22-8) bested Florida twice

during the regular season, as did South Carolina (23-15), the NIT Champ. In the

ACC, Duke’s Blue Devils posted a 32-4

record and were pressured all season by Boston College (28-8). If you like teams

that take a lot of 3FGs you’ll love playing

West Virginia (22-11). The beasts of the

Big East were Connecticut (30-4) and

Villanova (28-5). In the Big Ten, Ohio State Buckeyes (26-6), Illinois (26-7), and Iowa (25-9) led the way. Both Michigan and Michigan State posted +20 win seasons. Texas (30-7) and Kansas (25-8) were

atop the Big 12. Texas A&M (22-9) and

Colorado (20-10) chased them all season.

The PAC-10 conference was paced by

NCAA Runner-up UCLA (32-7) and the

Washington Huskies (26-7). James Mason (27-8), this year's Cinderella, capped a terrific season with a trip to the big dance!

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'06 Season Recap

Major Conferences

ACC - 12 Teams/$18.95/$2.40

Big East - 16 Teams/$24.95/$3.20

Big Ten - 11 Teams/$17.49/$2.20

Big 12 - 12 Teams/$18.95/$2.40

SEC - 12 Teams/$18.95/$2.40

PAC-10 - 10 Teams/$15.95/$2.00

Major Conferences – 73 Teams/$110.49/$14.60

Tournament Teams

Final Four - 4 Teams/$6.95/$.80

Elite 8 - 8 Teams/$12.95/$1.60

Sweet 16 - 16 Teams/$24.95/$3.20

Round of 32 - 32 Teams/$48.95/$6.40

Other Teams

Coaches Poll Top 25 - 25 Teams/$38.49/$5.00

Coaches Poll Top 20 - 20 Teams/$30.95/$4.00

Coaches Poll Top 10 - 10 Teams/$15.95/$2.00

Cupcakes - 10 Teams/$15.95/$2.00

All Americans - $2.50


Patriot League - 8 Teams/$12.95/$1.60

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